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It’s time to Yum!

Help Yummy recover his beloved sweets. He needs you right now!

Yum higher than
the sky!

Yummy Jump is an awesome adventure platformer game in a friendly sugar-covered world, where you control Yummy's movements by flicking your fingers on the screen.

Guide him and be careful!

Yummy is worth way more than
a diamond lollipop!

Yummy's story

Once upon a time in a forest full of sweetness lived little Yummy in a deep emotional relationship with his candy treasures.

But one day, a mysterious evil alien showed up and stole all of his beloved candies. Such a disaster!

But this cannot be over, because YOU can be his sweetsaver! Help Yummy through the dense woods and puffy clouds to collect all of his delicious yum-yums.

Join him on his sweet adventure!

Let’s jump!

Flick, Jump and Yum!

ZAP! And the cookies are all over the place. Join Yummy on his adventurous
jump-journey and help him retrieve all his precious yum-yums!